After purchasing a session from the Bodega, you will receive a follow-up email asking you to send your existing documents for review. This allows me to prepare for our call together, which will occur at the time you have selected.


During our phone call, I'll ask questions to learn more about you and your career trajectory. Together we'll identify the most substantial areas of your experience to expand on. 


 This is your time to shine! The more details you can provide, the better your document, and stronger the applicant you'll be!  


After our call, I'll begin to draft a mock-up of your document, which will be sent for review before receiving your final copy.  


While I aim to finish orders within a week, completion time varies and will depend on your ability to respond to follow up emails and approve drafts. Please keep an eye on your inbox, as failure to respond will significantly delay the process and could result in cancellation of your order.

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