How It Works

Step One:

Choose the service you would like to purchase by visiting the "Bodega" tab on our website.

Step Two:

Provide us with the deets! This is your time to shine. Tell us about your professional goals. Let us know about your educational and professional background, as well as any other commitments you feel could help boost your resume. If you have little experience, consider any volunteer work you may have had in the past. Please be descriptive as possible-- include the  use of any machinery, special skills, etc that you may have picked up along your journey.

Step Three:

 The speed at which your documents are completed will depend on you! Please be sure to check your email often to answer any follow up questions we may have about your experience. If you have a tight turn around time, be sure to tell us-- your responsiveness will definitely impact your timeline!

Step Four:

You will receive your documents via email in both .Docx and .PDF versions. You will also receive personalized tips to improve your document in the future!

Contact Us:

IG: @shopwritersblock