New Year, New Goals.

First, let me start by saying Happy New Year! I am so excited to start 2018 with the relaunch of Writer’s Block. We’ve worked really hard over the last two months to bring you a bigger and better Writer’s Block experience! But enough about us, lets talk about goals for the 2018 year.

It’s typical for us to think of the start of the New Year as a reset. January 1st comes, and suddenly we have a list of things that we want to accomplish. Too often do we just say these things, and not do them. Other times, if we do accomplish our goals, we approach it with this destination mindset— that is, once we accomplish those goals, our progress goes out the window. I want to challenge you to look at 2018 through a different lens. Growth is continuous, and should not work in the parameters of a calendar year. If your goal is to save $5000, but you achieve that goal within the first five months, does it make sense to stop saving for the remainder of the year, just because you reached your goal? I don't think so.

Personally, I've stopped making New Years Resolutions a long time ago. Last year, I spoke three phrases into my year: self love, self reflection, and self care. I turned these phrases into a lifestyle, instead of just listing resolutions. To be quite honest, these goals became so ingrained in my spirit, that I forgot that I even spoke these phrases into existence. I was reminded thanks to Facebook memories, and was so pleased to realize that I did indeed manifest those things into my year. This year, my themes are accountability, advancement, affluence. I’m looking forward to what the 2018 year brings!

What are you manifesting into your year?

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