Word On The Block Is... They Forgot To Mention...

Not too long ago, Writer's Block celebrated its first birthday. As you can imagine, it has been a long year learning the ropes, trying to get it right. Truthfully, I never imagined that I'd start anything of this sort, but after a really big push, and lots of encouragement, here we are. I started Writer's Block thinking that this was going to be a piece of cake-- I have a great idea, fueled by good intentions, and fair prices. Many told me to pursue this venture, but no one mentioned that this was going to be more work that I ever imagined.

By day, I work with youth in various capacities, most recently as the Director of a Middle School program. I'm usually swamped with work, so by the time I get home, Writer's Block is the last thing on my mind. But HELLO!?!?! I started a business-- I don't get to be tired. Despite knowing this, I quickly learned how easy it is to put things off (if I'm keeping it real, I intended to write this post LAST Wednesday... oops?). Despite my occasional disconnect, I still believe the aforementioned-- "great idea, good intentions, fair prices"-- so why am I not a millionaire yet? I advertise frequently, why don't I have a huge following? I definitely imagined this process to be A LOT simpler. Everyone else makes it look so... easy?

Being an entrepreneur is FAR from easy, and I have it FAR from figured out. As I grow into my entrepreneurial spirit, I'm learning that this journey will be FAR from simple, and FAR from quick. One thing I DO know is that I'm FAR from finished! Bottom line, I'm not giving up! Yea I may not be rolling in dough, but I've learned so much, especially about myself! I'm looking forward to continued growth. So to all my fellow entrepreneurs, keep at it, don't give up, and work at your own pace! Remember, Empires weren't built in a day!

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